Yummiest Potato Salad ....

jarome2, Jun 20, 11:31am
Boil large cubed potatos in boiling salty water. When cooked then drain and put into serving dish.
In a seperate pot add 500mls of cream have the stove at med to high heat, at the same time add cream of chicken soup and fresh chopped up parsley to the cream, make sure to keep on stirring, when sauce goes thick take of the heat and put onto the potatos.
You can add bacon, chive, red onions whatever else you like, beautiful salad served either warm or cold -

Thank you

griffo4, Jun 20, 9:33pm
Thanks jarome2 for sharing this l will give it a try l would never have thought of making it like that

cookessentials, Jun 20, 10:43pm
Sounds very tasty jarome. I usually just do a mixture of sour cream and a good egg may with chopped red onion and capers, but this one certainly sounds very tasty, thanks for sharing.

jarome2, Jun 21, 11:17am
hi griffo4 and cookessentials -
thanks heaps for the feedback - this is awesome so do try it and ULTRA yummy may i say so myself ... . hehehe

cheers folks

kran32, Jun 21, 9:35pm
What type of chicken soup do you use? Packet or can? This sounds totally yummy!

logansrun93, Jun 21, 11:14pm
yes that potatoe salad is yum my friend makes it that way but prefer it warm to cold tho

jarome2, Jun 22, 12:06pm
hi Kran32

Use the packet cream of chicken soup. It is Yummmmy! ;-p

guest, Jan 11, 7:49am
This arilcte went ahead and made my day.

guest, Jan 13, 2:01pm
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