Anyone make their own greek yoghurt?

melandco, Feb 22, 7:36am
I've just started doing this and am enjoying the process so far. Just wondered if anyone has any tried and true tips or hints they'd like to pass on.

I'm looking forward to making some labneh once I've perfected the yoghurt making so if anyone has any hints on that also, I'd appreciate it.

maximus44, Feb 22, 6:53pm
I love Greek yoghurt. Would you share your recipe?

pam.delilah, Feb 22, 7:57pm
pop in top this thread for past posting regarding yogurt making asp
x? id=57229

or so this one asp
x? id=310

jag5, Feb 22, 8:59pm
Buy a pot of greek yoghurt, use 1 tbspn of this to your milk in a maker, and away you go.

purplegoanna, Feb 22, 10:23pm
i was making caspian sea yogurt but my starter died and i can remember the trader i got it off, damn it, it was so simple, add a cup of starter to a jar of milk, shake leave on benceh over nite and the next day you had plenty. . then just removed a cup for the next batch. .

melandco, Aug 30, 11:51pm
Thanks everyone for your help. I don't have a yoghurt maker and at this stage am not looking at purchasing one. I'm trialling different methods at the moment to see which one is better so we'll see how it goes. lol

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