Greek Yoghurt Recipe

emerald9, Aug 21, 10:25am
Anyone got a good Greek Yoghurt Recipe they'd like to share! Nice and thick and creamy! Where can you get the culture from to get one started! Any ideas!

homecomfitz, Aug 21, 8:14pm
When I make my own yoghurt I usually convert some of it into Greek-style by putting a large sieve over a bowl, putting a clean teatowel or similar cloth into the sieve, and pouring a litre of yoghurt into it. Put in fridge and let it drain for a few hours until it is the consistency you are after.

peterbk, Aug 21, 8:59pm
I make greek yoghurt using a culture from a shop bought greek yoghurt or an easiyo greek yoghurt sachet.
1 1/2 cups skim milk powder
1 1/2cupswhole milk powder
3 tbspns of easiyo powder or 2 tbsps of fresh greek yoghurt
make up to 1 litre with cold water

Place jar in easiyo yoghurt maker surrounded with the boiling water.
Leave in yoghurt maker 6 hours.
In summer on a warm day I add 1/2 cup of cold water to the boiling water surrounding to ensure it is not too hot to culture the yoghurt. If it gets too hot the yoghurt made can have a gooyey/stringy texture rather than nice and thick. Using the milk powder is cheaper than using whole easiyo sachets, and can still make successfully just using 2 - 3 tbsps of yoghurt sachet.

beaker59, Aug 21, 9:24pm
I also do mine with a couple of tablespoons of commercial yogurt and then culture in my yogurt maker but I do it with ordinary blue top milk as I don't like the milk powder taste.

janny3, Aug 22, 3:17am
Same.I don't enjoy the milk powdery consistency.So scald fresh milk & cool to blood temp.Then I add about 3 TB easiyo powder OR 3TB milk powder and 3 TB fresh yoghurt into the easiyo maker & set as usual.

davidt4, Aug 22, 3:34am
A good way of making thick yoghurt is to use silver top (i.e. unhomogenised) milk and boil it for about 5 minutes to reduce it.Then cool to the correct temperature , add the culture and proceed as usual.Culture it only until it thickens and then refrigerate it so it doesn't get too sour.

nauru, Aug 22, 3:47am
I do this too, usually for about 2 hours and get lovely thick creamy yoghurt.I use a clean chux cloth (kept for this purpose) in a sieve or one of the large coffee filters to do mine with.

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