Greek Orange Cake with Syrup Question

sam284, Nov 25, 10:58pm
Hi..I have a recipe here for greek Orange cake with syrup..sounds lovely.However the syrup consists of sugar, orange juice and Grand Marnier..will it still work just fine without the Grand marnier sad as I am too leave it out!

davidt4, Nov 25, 11:04pm
Add to the syrup a little finely grated orange zest to boost the flavour.

sam284, Nov 25, 11:06pm
Great thank wont affect the consistency to any degree then leaving the spirits out?

sarahj1, Nov 25, 11:32pm
I wouldn't think so - add a bit more juice to make up the quantity.

daisygirl, Sep 5, 1:06pm
No,it only changes the flavour,use Rose Water or Orange Blossom water instead.