magical orange cake

tasha4, May 2, 11:03am
Magical Orange Cake

1 whole orange, washed and processed to a pulp
125gr melted butter
1 cup sugar
2 med-lge eggs
1 1/2 cups self-raising flour

If you have a food processor, just throw everything in together and mix till all combined. Pour into lined loaf tin and bake at 180C for approx 35-40 mins or ready when tested with skewer.

usualsuspect, May 2, 11:30am
so the skin and all of the orange is used?

245sam, May 2, 11:41am
yes, usualsuspect - skin and all is used - IMO it's best to use a seedless Navel orange but whatever is available is ok and then it's your choice whether you pick out the pips or allow them to be chopped in the food processor along with the rest of the orange.

The Magical Orange Cake is an old favourite here on this Trademe MB - it was first posted several years ago by smiley_cherub.

With some slight modifications it can be varied to use almost any fruit and with the addition of a sauce it makes a very yummy self-saucing type pudding. :-))

alebix, May 2, 8:11pm
I was thinking feijoa would be nice... . just cut the tips of the feijoa. .

pam.delilah, May 2, 8:54pm
here is the link to trademe cooks were there are variations on it php? f=15&t=700

kcak, May 2, 11:05pm
Nice as muffins too with walnuts added.

meg94, Jun 6, 6:27am
Thanks tasha

gazz, Jun 6, 9:39pm
Does anyone have a favourite icing for the magical orange cake?

daleaway, Jun 7, 1:39am
I made it with whole mandarins last week, as we were out of oranges. It worked well.
Iced it with lemon icing and served it as a birthday cake, accompanied by thick cream with tinned (drained) mandarin pieces stirred through it. And a marigold on each plate!
Called it Citrus Festival.

gazz, Jul 18, 9:55am
Just wondering if anyone has tried using a lemon instead of an orange?

245sam, Jul 18, 10:05am
gazz, yes lemon has been tried - here are some thoughts re the results... ...

"Fab cake,
now made 3. First 2 were with oranges although in one I replaced all the sugar for "Equal" so it was ok for diabetic mother. Wasn't as good as the sugar one but still a really good cake (sugar one was fab! ). Made lemon today with 2 lemons - really tart but poked holes all over the cooked cake and poured 1/4 cup lemon juice and 1/4 sugar mixed which was simply divine. Thanks heaps 4 the receipe. posted by hell6":-))

gazz, Jul 19, 6:48am
Thanks for that. Will give it a try with lemons.

katalin2, Jul 19, 7:05am
There was a huge thread years ago about the different fruits people used- all seems to work well. I have used used apple, feijoa, nectarines, peaches, apricots, as well as citrus- worked wellevery time. Have added choc chips, coconut at times as well as an extra as well as the fruit. It is my favourite cake from these threads and so quick and easy.

jag5, Jul 19, 8:00am
I ice mine with a cream cheese frosting with some of the orange juice, and prior to whizzing the orange for the cake, I use a zester and remove some of the peel, then sprinkle this over the icing. Absolutely yummy.

odette, Jul 19, 8:50am
Sounds lovely. Can you use mandarins? If so how many would you use?

pam.delilah, Nov 12, 11:14am
Now that trademe cooks have gone , here are tips and variations from TMMs

Tips and Tricks
Strawberry and choc chip
I used the basic recipe and add a 1/2 cup choc chips and a cup of chopped strawberries that I folded through. I added a 1/2 cup milk to replace the orange juice from the fruit. .

I put a tin of pears in I strained the juice syrup out into a cup and used the pears as you would the oranges, when it was still hot brush the cake with a little pear syrup

add sultanas to the cake mixture When I made the orange cake I just added sultanas to the cake mixture added them last and just hand mixed them.

The tinned strawberry and chocolate chip combination was excellent! ) Just remember to drain all the liquid from the tin and roughly chop the strawberries before proceeding with the recipe. Also added handful each of coconut and chocolate chips, plus I sprinkled the top with more coconut before baking. I have a mini loaf tray so baked the mixture in those. (Makes 6)

1 large apple (I cored it as I wasn't sure how the pips would go) Also added a small handful of sultanas and about 1 tsp cinnamon. baked in my cute 6 mini-loaves tray decorate the tops of each of them with about 4 slices of apple,

I made this today but used 1 banana and 4 fejoa's and its divine, I also made it as a chocolate cake and replaced the fruit with one yoghurt (apricot) and added 2 tablspns of cocoa

two bananas, then after the batter was in the tin, she sprinkled chocolate chips across the top. Pushed some in a little and left the others on top - this made a nice topping. We used some with custard for dessert, and have used Nutella as an icing for the rest

Blood Orange Cake The local store had Blood Oranges for sale so tried the cake with these. For those who don't know what a blood orange is, it is an orange with red (almost like beetroot red) skin and beetroot red flesh. The cake came out a really neat pinky-red colour wuth flecks of red. Tasted wonderful

five figs 1/4 tspoon cinnimon 1/4 tspoon cloves 1/4 tspoon nutmeg everything else the same.

Orange & cream cheese muffins... . . Tried this recipe as muffins, adding chopped dates and a blob of cream cheese in the middle of muffin before cooking.

Orange and Dates
... YUM! Made this combination last night into muffin size and it was a great success. Just smoosh up about 1/2 a cup or so of dates when you are pulping the orange. Topped off with lemon cream cheese icing

pineapple cake I made it again with a tin of crushed pineapple in juice. Needed a bit of extra flour but it turned out great and didn't even need processing, just mixed in a bowl. Nice as a pudding too.

Made lemon today with 2 lemons - really tart but poked holes all over the cooked cake and poured 1/4 cup lemon juice and 1/4 sugar mixed which was simply divine.

i made this delicious cake 2day. . but i doubled the recipe and used 2 c raspberries instead of the orange

GRAPEFRUIT sprinkled a little coconut and cho chips on top before popping it in the oven. Took a little longer than the cooking time suggested though. I used a decent sized yellow coloured grapefruit.

a tin of apricots drained, but with a slurp of the juice back in and a packet of chopped pecans.

Lime and Coconut Cake was absolutely scrummy- used 2 limes instead of orange and added coconut and an extra egg- iced with lime butter icing with v finely grated lime rhind

a block of whittakers white choc and macademia nuts broke it into single pieces and potted it on top of cake then submerged it a bit once it came out of oven and had cooled I grated white choc on top, I finished this off with 2 tins of mandarins on the side with freshly whipped cream, and I have to say that it went down very well - I took it to friends and was on dessert and they raved about it. - dont know if anyone has done this version yet b