Can you freeze orange pulp

cookiebarrel, Oct 30, 6:55am
Made the magical orange cake this week and just loved it.Have a big, big bag of oranges that I have already frozen heaps of juice from and would like to use some of the oranges for more of this cake in the future and was wondering if I put the orange through the food prosessor, could I then freeze the pulp to thaw and use in the cake later on. Nice to have so many organic oranges to use in the cake.

kiwibubbles, Oct 30, 7:27am
i dont see why not?

valentino, Oct 30, 7:31am

Same as lemons.......

cookiebarrel, Oct 30, 12:29pm
Thanks for that guys.Any idea how long it would be okay to keep it for?

pickles7, Oct 30, 8:39pm
I did this one year , then biffed the lot the next. lol. We can get oranges all year round these days

uli, Oct 30, 9:59pm
Why not use them pickles? If you had a bag of organic ornages to use up I cannot see why you would let them go to waste and then go and buy sprayed and waxed ones later ... doesn't make sense to me.

Hope you have them all safe in the deep freeze by now cookie. I wouldn't keep them longer than 3 to 6 months though.

cookiebarrel, Jul 6, 6:54pm
My feelings exactly uli and yep they are in the freezer now.As they are organic and in this recipe you use the whole orange I didn't want to waste them.Should be able to use them up easily before 6 months as I will be making two cakes at least once a for us and one to give away.