Can you freeze muffins well and which freeze best?

custom95, Sep 26, 3:38am
I thought I wld make a large batch before school goes back and freeze so I can use for lunchboxes, Do choc muffins freeze well or do you have a better suggestion?

calista, Sep 26, 3:42am
I haven't done it, but Alison Holst mentions putting frozen muffins in children's lunchboxes so thay're thawed by lunch time.

noonesgirl, Sep 26, 3:57am
My Chocolate Caramel Muffins freeze fine

lizab, Sep 26, 4:07am
I make all kinds of muffins every couple of days and ALWAYS freeze them. My husband and our farm worker come in for morning tea and I zap 6 frozen muffins in the microwave for them for 3 mins on high and they are perfect. I also wrap individual ones in glad wrap for lunchboxes and freeze them like that. You won't have a problem I promise and you'll feel very organised for school lunches - enjoy your muffin making :) (I also freeze pikelets for school too - my son doesn't like butter, so I just sandwich two together with strawberry jam and glad wrap them and freeze)

custom95, Sep 26, 4:16am
Thanks my "baby" just started school this week and I thought it would be a nice treat in her lunchbox as muffins are her favourite, I am unfortunately not a very good baker and so thought if I could freeze them I could make bigger batches.

noonesgirl, Sep 26, 5:21am
She will love my muffins with the caramel condensed milk

lynja, Sep 26, 6:26am
i find they are a lot nicer if i wrap individully and then put in a plastic container as well. this saves any freezer type taste when taking out for lunches.

grandma, Sep 26, 7:22am
I have found that too lynja - handy to pull out and zap in the microwave for that freshly baked taste as well.

custom95, Sep 27, 4:50am
Thank you all, will have a go and fill the freezer!

kirsty_rae, Apr 20, 6:41am
noonesgirl, would you be able to post your muffin recipe, sounds yummy!