Orange marmalade/jam recipe needed please

angela74, Oct 8, 1:49am
I normally only make grapefruit marmalade from the edmonds cook book but I have been given some oranges and thought I might make some marmalade with them but can't find an EASY recipe.I like ones that you just chop, measure and boil kind of ones!!!!
Thanks in advance.

harrislucinda, Oct 8, 3:03am
thisisaniceonecalledAKAROA MARMALADE

buzzy110, Oct 8, 3:19am
Here is a recipe I have used with great success. I got it from here but I failed to record who first posted it as I never thought I'd be passing it on.

5 Oranges,
2 Lemons,
5 ½ lbs Sugar
5 pints of water.
Squeeze juice into a large pan, mince the skins and add to juice, boil for 3/4 hour
Add sugar and boil for 3/4 hour fast
When at setting stage, bottle in sterile jars
This makes a lovely tart marmalade

buzzy110, Oct 8, 3:22am
I'm sorry. I posted this recipe and realised that though I have it in my Recipes folder I actually don't think I have made it before and it would not be appropriate to give a recipe that I haven't personally tried. It is a very easy recipe though and if you really want it I'll post it.

juliewn, Oct 8, 3:22am
Hi -

There's a grapefruit and orange marmalade recipe in the Edmonds book - I make it with oranges only, using less sugar.

When ready to add sugar, I add half the amount in the recipe, dissolve it in the hot fruit mix, then add more sugar one cup at a time, dissolving it then tasting, until I get the sweetness I like.. any marmalade recipe can be adapted this way..

angela74, Oct 8, 5:25am
thanks everyone will look them all over

myrleen, Oct 8, 6:02am
Dundee Marmalade( Aunt Daisy's Book)
3 pounds of sweet oranges, 2 lemons 12 large cups water, 9 pound sugar, Slice or mince the fruit, leave to soak in the water for 24 hours , Then boil for 20 minutes, Leave 24 hours again , Boil again and add warmed sugar, and boil again till it will set, about 20 minutes after coming back to the boil, bottle while hot
I have used thisrecipefor a good few years and it is great, I do it in small quanties, ie about a third of recommended