Marmalade with custard....

trading_gibsons, Jun 23, 1:18am
Powder in it. It was from as mag way back in the 70s-80s, I had it but lost it quite a while ago, can anyone help. I know it's a long shot.

cookessentials, Jun 23, 1:42am
what was the dish? was it just a spread made with marmalade and custard powder, or was it a dessert of some sort?

cookessentials, Jun 23, 1:46am
have found a marmalde custard recipe.

trading_gibsons, Jun 23, 2:09am
Hi, answer to your first question it was a recipe for marmalade that one of the ingredients was custard powder, strange I know but iy was very nice!

cookessentials, Jun 23, 3:54am
Mmm, well, you have me stumped. Do you have an idea of where you got the recipe from?

trading_gibsons, Aug 31, 2:48am
Sorry been out - thank for trying

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