Can custard be frozen?

ashanti, Dec 16, 1:12am
Was trying to be clever and made some dulce de leche but decided to add butter to see what would happen- after an hour still no forming up like usually happpens, so I added eggs and made a very yummy custard, but i would like to freeze it for Christmas if at all possible? Has anyone ever frozen custard and defrosted it? Or, would you serve it as a kind of frozen dessert?

davidt4, Dec 16, 1:30am
It should be fine.Thaw it in the fridge and whisk thoroughly when it has thawed.Or it would make a gorgeous ice cream with some whipped cream folded in before it is frozen.

ashanti, Dec 16, 1:35am
Thanks very much davidt4. I know unless i put it in freezer soon hubby will raid the lot, it's very moreish but very rich.

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