Is there a Steamed Pudding with Marmalade

mss2006, Jun 7, 3:34am
type recipe. Something rich and sticky? ? ?

guanoloco, Jun 7, 3:36am
You can chuck almost anything into/at a basic steamed pud recipe. Steamed jam pudding, caramel self saucing, ginger... . ooooooh... . it suddenly occurs to me that ginger marmalade would be a great addition to the bottom of the basin of my Mum's ginger pud recipe... hell, the diet can start tomorrow ;)

mss2006, Jun 7, 3:47am
Thanks, thats the push I needed! Marmalade at the bottom of basin. Thanks again.

vashti, Jun 7, 3:49am
Marmalade Steamed Pudding
(Microwave in basin or 4 individual cups)

50g butter
½ cup sugar
1cup self rising flour
grated rind of one lemon
1/2cup milk
6Tbs Marmalade

Beat butter and sugar together and beat in egg and lemon rind.
Stir in sifted self rising flour with the milk.
Place 11/2 Tbs Marmalade in the base of
4 well greased cups. Dived mixture into cups
Cook in microwave on med for 5-7 mins Turn out and serve with fresh cream
I think I may have got this from trade me recipes thank you if I did.

245sam, Jul 15, 3:12am
mss2006, the last recipe on this link is a Marmalade Steamed Pudding - it is one that I posted several years ago and I can absolutely guarantee that it's easy to make and very yummy to eat:- php? f=19&t=481

FYI - It is NOT a self-saucing pudding as you may think from the thread that it is in at TMC - it IS a steamed pudding that I have very successfully cooked both in the conventional stove-top way and in the crockpot.

Hope that helps. :-))