Steamed Sponge Pudding from Edmonds cookbook

bo0tsey, Mar 23, 8:22pm
A few questions. so I just get a S/S bowl that fits over/in a pot without touching the bottom, use this and put the lid on top of the bowl with tinfoil!

Also am wanting to add fruit but no apple, fig or prune as suggested. Any ideas!

cgvl, Mar 23, 8:44pm
Not sure about the recipe you are using but my mother has a standard steamed pudding she makes. Here are the alternatives she uses for variety.
(1)2Tbsp jam in the bottom of dish then mix on top.
(2)sultana's or other fruit
(3)mixture of spices eg cinnamon, ginger and mixed spice.
(4)2Tbsp of cocoa powder.

bo0tsey, Mar 24, 12:36am
Think I'll try the jam at the bottom. Still unsure about the equipment!

fifie, Mar 24, 12:52am
Jam on the bottom is lovely, grease your bowl well put jam in then mix on top, tin foil on tight tie piece string across top for easy lifting out when hot into a pot with rolling boiling water lid on and simmer till cooked. ( add more boiling water if needed from kettle throughout cooking for stove top) secret is keep it boiling all the time. Can do in slow cooker also but sit your bowl on a jam jar ring to keep bowl off the bottom. Either way enough water about 1/2 full so basin sits stable, if to much pudding bowl will start to float and tip up. Enjoy your pud.

bo0tsey, Mar 24, 1:06am
OMG I've found this recipe. I HAVE to make it. Yummy lemony goodness. Should I put jam at the bottom or just serve on top like the recipe says!

rumpelstiltskin, Mar 24, 2:00am
I would put jam/whatever at the bottom of the mixture. Then it blends into the mix a wee bit while it is cooking, allowing the flavour to go into the mix.Their suggestion would work, but it looks as tho it is just plonked on top! Plus, the topping would be cold unless first heated up.

bo0tsey, Mar 24, 2:51am
Yeah I think I will do that

bo0tsey, Mar 24, 4:24am
After all that I forgot the bloody jam! oh well. will go nicely with vanilla icecream

bo0tsey, Mar 24, 7:46am
Mmmmm it was deeeeeelish and looked like a professional one!

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