Help..looking for 'sponge-like' banana cake recipe

sugarplum1, Aug 15, 1:59am
Does anyone have a recipe for a banana cake that is nice and fluffy/like a sponge? My banana cakes always come out too dense in texture. Not sure what I'm doing wrong as other cakes turn out ok. Your help would be very appreciated.

noonesgirl, Aug 15, 8:17am
Aunt Daisy's Banana Sponge (nice, I have baked it)

125gr butter
1 teacup(6oz) sugar
2TBSPs milk
1tsp b/powder
1 sm tsp b/soda
1 egg - well beaten
3 mashed bananas
1&1/2c flour
Cream butter & suar, add eggs, then flour, b/powder & bananas. Dssolve milk in soda & add. Pour into a sponge roll tin & bake approx 30mins mod oven.

gardie, Aug 15, 9:16am
I think the secret is to cook it in a shallow tin. Cut it in half then put the two halves together with cream and sliced banana. Yum.

rss9, Aug 16, 2:25am
I swear by this... . It's a Banana Muffin recipe by Bakers Secret
Just try in a ring tin

1 cup Sugar (I use castor)
Half cup vege oil
2 eggs
3 Banana
3 tablespoon Sour Creamor soured milk ( I use cream and put in
white vinegar as subsitute)
1 teaspoon Baking soda
2 cups flour

Beat sugar and oil
Add eggs, then Banana. Beat thoroughly.
Dissolve soda in sour cream
mix in slowly with banana mixture
Sift in flour gently until blended
Bake at 180 deg for 20 - 25 mins

Nice and soft... . . Enjoy... ... Yum yum

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