Great Banana Cake Recipe?

dasausman, Mar 8, 8:45pm
Hi there, does anyone have a moist banana cake recipe? Thanks

valentino, Mar 8, 8:49pm
Hi, this one was posted here on Trade Me Recipes some time ago, not too sure on the name of poster though but have a look...

A firm family fav now, will make not other - soooo moist and lasts for days, staying moist - big cake, here it is –


Best banana cake recipe ever for Trade Me recipe users... .
Beat 3 eggs,
1. 5 cups sugar,
then add 1/2 cup cheap oil and
3/4 cup sour cream & 3 ripe bananas beat all,
then add 2 cups white flour
1. 5 tsp of both baking powder and baking soda.
Beat till nice and smooth. bake 170 degrees for 1 hr I ice with white and dark choc I make this at work and it is the most requested of all, keeps really well I double and put one in the freezer. Enjoy. Sorry left out some info... I bake mine in either a high sided 22inch tin or if I want to stretch the servings in a larger square. " There you go, now I wanted to make this the other day but no sour cream - I used milk and the cake was fantastic, in fact, I prefer it with the milk and it's cheaper - ice with lemon or choc icing, my kids fav, enjoy :o)
From a Trade Me contributor for Trade me users... .

valentino, Mar 8, 8:52pm
There are others if one uses the Trade Me search function in the window "Message Board" on your upper left, type in Banana Cake then select 'anytime' will come acoss others... .

wingee, Mar 9, 2:15am

Hi when you say cheap oil, is it vege oil? rice bran oil? peanut oil? cant wait to make it.

valentino, Mar 9, 2:39am
To me just a good oil that is suitable to oneself, that is a general purpose oil like a vege oil or sunflower oil.

I normally use either of these when doing baking that normally just states "Oil"


luckyduck, Mar 9, 3:27am
Mackenzies banana cake is great. I could never make a decent one until I tried it. It is easy and very moist.

candice6, Jun 11, 9:11am
I just made this recipie it is lovely i feel like i can actually cook

nzmu, Jul 26, 4:42pm
Tips for a moist cake - any cake... . beat sugar and egg till creamy and light yellow, beat in melted butter... . do that instead of creaming butter and sugar - so much easier. 2nd and very important... replace any milk in recipe for water. Give it a go - any cake recipe... light, moist result every time.