Banana cake recipe - made with oil

nor2, Sep 27, 1:44am
Anyone got this recipe please?But not with sour cream in it.I had the recipe off a NZ Bloke Cooking site but I can't find it now.Thanks.Makes a really moist cake!!Yum.

nor2, Sep 27, 1:59am
Found it!

dilligaf_dah, Sep 27, 2:41am
Ummm would you share it sounds nice

nor2, Sep 27, 8:01am
125ml oil
3/4 C sugar
2 eggs
3 mashed bananas
1 t b.soda
2 T hot milk
2 C flour
1 t b.powder
1 t cinnamon

180 degrees for about 40 mins - I used self-rising flour tonight and left out the baking powder.Worked well.

huntermac, Sep 27, 8:03am
Ohhh the cinnamon puts a whole new dimention on it....yum!!

nor2, Sep 27, 8:07am

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