Grapefruit Marmalade - Does Fruit Have To Be Ripe?

buzzy110, Jun 8, 11:54pm
I know that grapefruit has more pectin at that point just before it becomes ripe? I have been given a large bag of grapefruit in this condition. Will they be OK for making marmalade or will it turn out beautifully set but too sour to eat?

cgvl, Jun 9, 12:08am
It could turn out quite tart, but I also use some unripe ie not quite ripe grapefruit too in mine, with a mix of ripe ones.

daisyk, Jun 9, 12:26am
Yes, you'll have the best marmalade ever. This is how my mother made marmalade every year - just using slightly unripe grapefruit.

daisyk, Jun 9, 12:29am
Gosh that was a confusing message wasn't it.
I meant that the best marmalade (imho) is made with slightly unripe grapefruit.

buzzy110, Jul 20, 8:58am
Oh that is excellent. Thank you both so much. I have not made much in the way of marmalade. I do a lovely one that someone posted on here using oranges and lemons but never a grapefruit one.

One more question if anyone would be kind enough. I know that most of the pectin is found in the pith. It seems logical, therefore, to make my marmalade with the pith as well as the skin. Would I be correct in that assumption? Aunt Daisy hasn't said anything on the subject.