Grapefruit recipes

haytermagic, Jul 15, 6:57am
Hi , does anyone have any recipes for grapefruits out there? I have heaps and I dont want them going off :o)


harrislucinda, Jul 15, 7:00am

beaker59, Jul 15, 7:04am
Cut in half slice the flesh up a bit and sprinkle with sugar in the evening put in fridge overnight then eat with a spoon for breakfast.

Marmalade of course

but remember ladies grapefruit counteracts the effects of the pill so careful EH ;)

245sam, Jul 15, 7:08am
haytermagic, here's a couple of recipes, including harrislucinda's Grapefruit Spread - these recipes from:- php? f=30&t=86

"grape fruit spread
1 cup water 1 cup sugar 1tlbsp butter 1tlbsp grated rind 2tblsp custard powder 3/4 cup juice put first 4 ingred in a pan boil 5mins mix custard with juice to paste add to liquid return to heat cook then put into clean jars. posted by harrislucinda

Grapefruit curd
5-6 grapefruits 125g butter 2 cups sugar 4 free-range eggs Beat the eggs briskly with a whisk and set aside. Grate the rind from all the lemons and set aside, then squeeze. Set up a double boiler (I use a saucepan or metal mixing bowl inside/on top of a bigger one filled with water) and inside it melt the butter. Stir in the sugar and lemon juice, until sugar is dissolved. Then add the beaten eggs and lemon rind, stirring all the time. Adjust the heat of the double boiler so that the water is moderately bubbling, then cook the lemon curd, stirring well all the time) until it becomes quite thick. Pour into sterilised jars. (Makes about 2 large or 3 small jars)
posted by redrustie":-))

haytermagic, Jul 15, 7:10am
hey thanks guys! I usually cut them in half and sprinkle with sugar, but im eating far too many, might have to put them into something instead!

245sam, Jul 15, 7:10am
and here's a couple of grapefruit cake recipes from:- php? f=15&t=671

"Grapefruit Cake
Moist Grapefruit Cake 2 cups flour 6 tablespoons sugar 1 teaspoon baking soda 1 grapefruit grated rind 4oz (125g) butter 6 tablespoons grapefruit marmalade 6 tablespoons grapefruit juice 1 egg topping syrup ¼ cup packed brown sugar 6 tablespoons grapefruit juice Sift dry ingredients and add grapefruit rind. Place the butter, marmalade and juice in a saucepan and Heat until butter is melted. Cool slightly then add to dry ingredients. Mix thoroughly. Lastly mix in egg. Beat well. Pour into `18cm square cake tin and bake 150 –160oC For 30 minutes or until cooked. Cool in tin for 10 minutes. Turn onto wire rack with a plate underneath To make the topping syrup Heat the brown sugar and syrup to melt the sugar then spoon over the warm cake posted by snapit

Grapefruit Cake (yummy! )
cake: 125g butter (i use salted and just don't add any salt to the recipe) 175g sugar (granulated or norm) 2 large eggs (or use medium and add a splash more milk) zest of 1 grapefruit (or 2 small) 175g self raising flour (or plain flour and a couple teaspoons of baking powder) pinch of salt (only if using unsalted butter) 4 tablespoons milk For the syrup: juice - squeezed from grapefruit/s 100g icing sugar (although I use whatever I've got if I've no icing sugar - caster or granulated) Heat the oven to 180oC and butter and line a loaf tin. Method: Cream together the butter and sugar, add the eggs and zest, beat them in well. Add the flour, salt, and then the milk. (i just do it all in the kenwood, butter and sugar first and then bung in all in, if you want you can add vanilla essence). Spoon it all in to your loaf tin and pop in the oven for around 40 mins. As soon as you take it out of the oven, puncture the top all over with a cake tester or knife or something sharp and pour over the syrup, trying to let the middle absorb it as well as the sides, then leave it to soak up the rest. To make the syrup just pop the juice and sugar in a pan and stir till it's dissolved. I usually put the warm sponge into a re-sealable bag and add the syrup as it's easier to turn it to soak the juice up, plus you can just bung it in the freezer like that! posted by redrustie":-))

245sam, Jul 15, 7:13am
Grapefruit Chutney perhaps? as posted by myself and now c&p'd from:- php? f=26&t=567

"Grapefruit Chutney
I haven't tried this one but you may like to - it's from Digby Law's Pickle & Chutney Cookbook. The sweeter the grapefruit the better for this intriguing bitter-sweet chutney. It will be quite liquid but should thicken on standing. 1 Kg grapefruit pulp, 2 tsp ground cloves, 1 cup malt vinegar, 750g sugar, 250g raisins, 50g brazil nuts (finely chopped). Prepare the pulp from fresh grapefruit. In a saucepan combine the grapefruit pulp, ground cloves, vinegar, sugar & raisins. Bring to the boil, stirring to dissolve the sugar, then simmer gently, uncovered, for about 1 hour, until fairly thick. Add the finely chopped brazil nuts. Heat to boiling, then allow to cool, stirring occasionally. Spoon into clean jars and seal. Makes about 1·5 litres. posted by 245sam"

245sam, Jul 15, 7:16am
or Grapefruit Mousse?

"Grapefruit Mousse
4 tsp gelatine, 4 tbsp water, 2 eggs, 1/2 cup sugar, 1 tsp grated grapefruit rind, 1/4 cup strained grapefruit juice, 1 cup cream. Allow the gelatine to soften in the water. In a mixing bowl place the egg yolks, sugar, grapefruit rind and juice. Place the bowl over hot water and beat with an electric beater until thick and creamy. Stir in the gelatine, to dissolve it, then allow the mixture to cool. Refrigerate until the consistency of unbeaten egg white. Beat the egg whites until stiff and whip the cream until thick. Carefully fold in the cream, then the egg whites. Pour the mixture into individual glass dishes and refrigerate until set. Serve decorated with a mint leaf and extra grapefruit rind. Serves 4-6. posted by 245sam":-))

harrislucinda, Oct 29, 12:19pm