Marmalade. Your best ever grapefruit

clair4, Jul 6, 1:19am
recipe would be appreciated.

pickles7, Jul 6, 12:16pm
6 large Grapefruit, 9 cups water, 6lb sugar. Cut up grapefruit and add to the water. Leave to stand overnight. Next day bring to boil and boil rapidly for approx 10 mins. Add sugar and bring back to boil, boil for a further 30-40mins or until will set. I add about a box of crystalised ginger to recipe with the sugar. NOW: you can substitute the Grapefruit for lemons, oranges, limes or use a mixture of them all. So long as the amount you use is equal to 6 large grapefruit. You can halve the recipe or make it in quantities that suit self so long as it remains in proportion. Use less sugar for a more tart maralade. Chop the grapefruit in the food processor if liked. Enjoy

Quotecgvl (21

I have not made this recipe, myself . It looks ok. Buy a sugar thermometer, dose make jam making so much easier. I am sure I get more jars now, sets perfectly not over stiff.

cloudberry, Jul 6, 7:08pm
I used to make this all the time in the days when I had a grapefruit tree in the backyard. The weights are in imperial measures because it's a very old recipe and I have never bothered to change it.

Slice or process 2lbs (or just under 1 kilo) grapefruit. Add 4 pints water, bring slowly to the boil and boil until tender (1 hour 10 mins in all. )Add 5lbssugar and stir to dissolve. Bring to fast boil and boil quickly for 12 - 13 minutes. Then add fresh lemon juice ( half a cup or more) and boil until it jells. This may be 5 minutes, but generally a little longer according to freshness and ripeness of fruit.
Let stand for 15 minutes, then stir to distribute fruit. Pour into warmed, sterilized jars. Makes about 9X300 ml jars.

clair4, Oct 5, 11:45am
I have some grapefruit and lemons soaking and tonight I will cook the marmalade. Hope it turns out nice. I like chunky bits of fruit, so did not cut up small. If it is not sweet enough I will add a bit more sugar. Made some lovely marmalade last year, but must have thrown my recipe out.