Grapefruit marmalade? help please

bbydol, Jul 10, 11:25pm
hi i have some grapefruits , i want to make some grapefruit marmalade, but only maybe 2 or 4 jars a time.
Would anyone have a failproof simple recipe just for this amount of jars please. I also have heaps of lemons on tree, if i could also use the recipe to make lemon marmalade as well. thankyou

pickles7, Jul 11, 1:01am
Find someone who can, and would like to make marmalade, and swap fruit for two or three jars. If you don't have the right pan to make jam or marmalade you will not get the boiling action required to reach setting point.

magenta, Jul 11, 4:07am
I made 4 large Vegemite jars of marmalade using my version an Alison Holst recipe. I have lots of limes so I used those. I guess you could use grapefruit if you wanted. I usually peel the citrus using a potato peeler and then cut up fine. Then I squeeze out the juice and chop up the remainder very finely. Alison Holst says just use the food processor. I dont find this very satisfactory and for a small amount just do it by hand. Anyway the recipe I used was 5 limes ( about 500g I guess) 1 litre water, 1/2 pkt jam setting mix, 11/2 tsp citric acid, 1kg sugar. Boil up the fruit and water for about 10 mins. Add the jam setting mix and citric acid and boil 10 minutes longer, stirring frequently. Add the sugar and return the mixture stirring until sugar dissolves. Boil briskly until skin forms when a small amount is placed on a cold saucer. Place in hot sterilized jars. You could use a couple of grapefruit to one lemon I would guess. In the past when using grapefruit for marmalade, I have soaked the cut citrus over night in the water as it seems to soften the skin up a bit. Hope you can make sense of this!

ridgeline, Oct 18, 3:09am
Edmonds cookbook recipe is as good as any - do a half quantity