Grapefruit marmalade query

lofty010247, Jul 23, 1:10am
some recipes say to soak sliced fruit overnight but in others it's slice & cook straight away.
What if any is the benefit of the overnight soak - can anyone tell me please.
Mrs L

whitehead., Jul 23, 2:51am
i have no idear but if you add a grated apple to your fruit it will set a lot quicker

whitehead., Jul 23, 2:52am
leave the skin on your apple when you grate it ,you wont taste it or see it and it sets well

lofty010247, Jul 23, 2:59am
Thanx . first time I've heard of doing that

cgvl, Jul 23, 5:21am
The idea of soaking the fruit is to soften the skins and release juice and pectins. I find if I don't soak fruit long enough then the rind stays chewy and bitter. I usually chop fruit up in morning and leave to soak until after dinner then make marmalade, also i often chop the fruit in the food processor rather than hand slice.

buzzy110, Jul 23, 5:30am
I just find it has a more intense citrus flavour if soaked. cgvl is correct as well. Soaking removes bitterness from the pith.

beaker59, Jul 23, 6:37am
Soaking also gives a clearer marmalade with less white pith. Its not essential to do it either way though what ever works for you is fine.

lofty010247, Feb 20, 10:09am
ah ha . the white pith is the issue I have with the batch I made today and it does taste a little bitter so thank you all . you have all been a great help. Now I can attack my next batch differently!