Orange (Fanta) Muffins - Alison Holst

dougiew, Jun 8, 4:43am
Hi. Does anyone know the recipe for Alison Holst's orange/choc chip muffins made with a cup of fanta? If so, could you please list the ingredients. Thanks.

245sam, Jun 8, 5:21am
dougiew, the full recipe for those muffins can be found at:- php? f=15&t=612

Look for "Alison Holst's Jaffa Muffins". :-))

dougiew, Jun 8, 5:29am
Thanks very much. Appreciate this. Will take a look.

calista, Jun 28, 6:14am
While we're on the topic of muffins does anyone have any ideas why Alison Holst's cheese muffins stick to the pan so badly.

Ingredients are s/r four, cheese, egg and beer. I've never had muffins stick so badly.

elliehen, Jun 28, 6:20am
Cheese tends to stick while it's hot, but peels off when it 'sets'. You're probably removing your muffins while they're hot and steamy, to smother them with butter... Who wouldn't ?

griffo4, Jun 28, 7:18am
calista would you please share the cheese muffins they sound so nice l suppose you could use paper cases or like elliehen says wait for them to cool

marcs, Sep 14, 5:56pm
I butter and flour my pans (cups inside) when I am making her herbed muffins as they stick as well. I also butter and flour on top around the cups just to be sure. I hate it when then stick. I think it isthe cheese that make it stick and it is still stuck when cold.