Can I freeze greek yoghurt

gerry64, Jan 30, 8:26am
made the recipe for piza base on here recently - s/r flour and yoghurt - made calzone they were fantastic - was so easy -but I have some yoghurt over which I dont want to waste

lilyfield, Jan 30, 8:51am
eat it

gerry64, Jan 30, 9:19am
it is a very large pot - was so cheap at WW over here this week

lynja, Jan 30, 6:40pm
yes i freeze it and use for cookessentials lemon cake etc. works fine

gerry64, Jan 30, 9:27pm
cheers lynja

mkbooks, Jan 31, 3:08am
Put some fresh fruit juice-passionfruit-into some + a couple of Tbspns whipped cream,makes great dip for fresh fruit slices

uli, Jan 31, 4:52am
Mix with fresh summer fruit and eat it for breakfast.

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