Can I substitute Greek Yoghurt for Coconut cream?

rai5, Sep 23, 1:01am
Can I substitute Greek Yoghurt for Coconut cream once I have cooked a chicken curry? Just realised I don't have any coconut cream in pantry.

uli, Sep 23, 1:12am
You can - it will taste different though and I would not "cook" it after you have added the yoghurt (right at the end of cooking) as it may curdle. Just carefully heat.

fifie, Sep 23, 1:36am
Yes, at the end. Heard on a cooking show yesterday mix some cornflour into to your yoghurt before putting in a hot dish and it wont split.

rai5, Sep 23, 2:42am
Oh thanks that's a good idea as I'll probably thicken it a bit anyway.

245sam, Sep 23, 3:00am
Works well. Have been doing this for years since reading it in an early edition of EasiYo Cookbook.

rai5, as uli advised using yoghurt will not taste the same because it will not add any coconut flavour to your dish - a possible solution to this is to add some coconut essence if you have it. :-))

rai5, Sep 23, 3:28am
Thanks everyone. I don't need much of the coconut flavour and could add some coconut for that as I have some.

uli, Sep 23, 3:53am
let us know how it turned out.

nauru, Sep 23, 6:16am
The coconut greek yoghurt works well too, this is what I use, give curries a nice flavour. Yes, mixing cornflour with the yoghurt stops it splitting, I also do this and came across this ittle tip the same way 245sam did.

rai5, Sep 23, 6:37am
Thanks. I did use the Greek yoghurt with cornflour and desiccated coconut. It was a success and not as rich as coconut cream. I would certainly repeat it.

uli, Sep 23, 9:51am
good to know.
Thanks., Sep 23, 9:56pm
Another thing you can do if you do want the coconut flavour is to put some boiling water over the desiccated coconut, let it sit for a bit and then strain and push the liquid through a sieve for a weak coconut milk concoction.

245sam, Oct 7, 5:12pm
Agreed. I have done that too and it certainly has the coconut flavour but not the consistency of coconut milk or cream - as advised the end result is "a weak coconut milk concoction", but better than nothing if not wanting to include the actual coconut. :-))

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