Pavlova making....tonight too early?

fpress, Dec 22, 5:50am
If I make my Pavlova tonight..will it still be fresh on Saturday? What do you think guys? TIA

pickles7, Dec 22, 6:06am
mine will. I cooked it today. Just make sure you do cook it. I used the icing sugar recipe, cooked it for the whole 1 & 1/2 hours. It did get a bit tinted, [my knew oven was a bit hotter]. Next time I will put it in a 180 deg c oven for the first 5 minutes. But that will not be a problem. I will store it in a cardboard box.

prendy1, Dec 22, 6:36am
I cooked mine today too, but forgot to turn the oven off so now we will be having meringues with cream instead of pavlova for pudding.

mizpizzy, Dec 22, 6:39am
And I cooked mine last night and dumped the gluetinous mess into the bin!The first total cooking failure in 45 years.Don't know what went wrong but"Mr Cowell" will have a customer tomorrow.

maandpa2b, Dec 22, 7:39am
I did mine today - stored in an airtight container.Mizpizzy - it shouldn't be a glutenous mess, there's no gluten in it....he he

pickles7, Dec 22, 9:08am
why not make an "eton mess".

korbo, Dec 22, 9:29am
I think it could kinda sweat. not sure if it is a good idea. couldyou not cook it just before you go to bed. cos most recipes, you cook for 1 hour, then leave in oven. that would work.

alebix, Dec 22, 9:50am
In this humidity im not attempting to make one.

I bought one instead.

chrissyb1, Dec 22, 9:51am
Ikeep mine in the hot water cupboard on a tray till I need it. Just loosely cover it. Works great for me.

chonnni, Dec 22, 8:29pm
make a marshmallow roll pav and you can make that on xmas eve afternoon, and it is beautiful and alot easier to eat that traditional round pav

vtired, Dec 22, 9:13pm
I made one tues made sure it wascompletly cold turned it out onto plate and fully covered in gladwrap until I cream it sat, always works fine and no complaints. I have done it this way for years. Will make second one tonight.

lavender32, Dec 22, 9:15pm
Oh damn, I made mine yesterday too but I put mine in the fridge. Will it be ok do you think?

minn1, Dec 22, 10:35pm
Oh yippee, not just me wanting to ask this same question LOL.I uaually make mine c.eve but with a housefull etc, am trying to get as much done as poss.I have gone through everything and thought, there's no obvious reason why not that I can think of...and Mr Cowells sit on the shelves...but guess they have added bits though. But does the humidity make a diff?? Am intrigued by the hot water cupboard idea...does that help to keep it crispy on the outside?? Not that I'm terribly worried about that, once the cream and fruit goes on the top, it's not a great concern.I am picking that storing it in a cupboard/bench top, would be better than in the fridge, is that what you guys have done? Happy and safe christmas to you all :)

teddy147, Dec 22, 11:19pm
i made 2 pavs last week and put them in an airtight container and put into cool cubboard. i do my pavs like that every year and never had a problem.

moetus, Dec 4, 6:03pm
hi could I please the recipe for te marshmellow rolled pav .Thanking you Maureen.