Anyone know where I can buy Quince Jelly? Ak area

applebox3, Dec 18, 10:43pm
West Auckland area. Am looking for some ready made quince jelly for sale, but think I have the wrong season.

emmbee, Dec 18, 11:32pm
Try Farro's they seem to have everything.. try their web site.

lx4000, Dec 18, 11:33pm
try markets and specialty food shops

olwen, Dec 18, 11:37pm
I think I've seen it in the deli department at New World

sasha100, Dec 18, 11:45pm
Oratia or Ranui Markets?

applebox3, Dec 18, 11:45pm
Thanks for all your recommendations. Will check some out. Cheers!

sasha100, Dec 18, 11:45pm
Can you post if you find it please, love Quince Jelly and have not thought of it for ages, also love guava jelly, reminds me of my Grandma.

applebox3, Dec 18, 11:51pm
Sure will sasha. Might try the paste. Found it on the Countdown online site. Looks like you slice it like cheese and put on crackers. But am really looking for the jelly, as I want to get for my mum for xmas or bday pressie.

davidt4, Dec 19, 2:45am
If you are out Bethell's Beach way try the homegrown fruit and vege place on the left just before you get to the main car park.The proprietress sells all kinds of jams and jellies made from her own fruit and she might have quince jelly.If not she will have other jellies which might be useful.Her guava jelly was wonderful.

applebox3, Dec 19, 3:59am
Thanks for that info. Might get out that way over the holidays. Cheers!

applebox3, Dec 19, 4:03am
I also posted on general discussion and another poster mentioned this site that you can buy on line. Looks good as well.

sasha100, Nov 16, 8:48pm
Thanks applebox and davidt4 - spend quite abit of time at Bethells so will check it out next time.