Quince jelly Recipe needed

cutezie, Apr 20, 6:47am
Please .

jessie981, Apr 20, 7:29am
3lb peeled, cored & diced quinces
3lb apples - peeled & chopped
2 minced oranges
6lb sugar
2lb raisins
1pt vinegar
1&1/2tsp cinnamon
1tsp cloves
Put spices in piece of muslin. Combine all ingredients & boil 45 mins stirring often. Test. Remove spices. Pour while hot into sterilised jars & seal immediately.

Also go into the lefthand message board & put quince jelly, then under keyword put anytime. More recipes there.

supamom, Apr 22, 3:44am
Just in case you are still looking for a recipe.
This is the fabulous recipe for Quince Jelly and requires no straining in muslin

6 large quinces
3 litres water
2kg sugar
juice of 2 lemons

Wash and wipe quinces and remove any blemishes with a sharp knife, leaving the quinces whole. Put in large saucepan with other ingredients and slowly bring to the boil.Boil until jelly is rosy coloured and will set when tested (about 21/2 hours).Remove whole quinces and bottle jelly.

My grandmother taught me this recipe - it is so easy

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