Quince Jelly or Paste

ted., Jan 15, 7:39pm
Hi anyone have a "no fail" recipe for Quince Jelly or Paste that they would like to share!

kassie48, Jan 15, 7:57pm
Pop into the lefthand message board & under keyword put Quince Jelly. Under date posted put last year. Memebers recipes there.

malcovy, Jan 15, 8:44pm
Last year I cooked quinces in my slow cooker and when they were softened I let them cool down and then peeled them.I weighed the flesh and pureed and then added equal amount of sugar.I cleaned out slow cooker and put in quince and sugar and then cooked the mixture till a beautiful peach colour, I don't remember how long for though.I then put quince paste into pottles and froze it.The frozen quince spoons out so easily and I had some last night with HM icecream, low carb be damned :-)

ted., Jan 15, 11:10pm
Thanks so much for sharing this recipe, love the idea of doing it all in the slow cooker :)

supamom, Jan 16, 6:36am
Just in case you are still looking for a recipe.
This is the fabulous recipe for Quince Jelly and requires no straining in muslin

6 large quinces
3 litres water
2kg sugar
juice of 2 lemons

Wash and wipe quinces and remove any blemishes with a sharp knife, leaving the quinces whole. Put in large saucepan with other ingredients and slowly bring to the boil. Boil until jelly is rosy coloured and will set when tested (about 21/2 hours). Remove whole quinces and bottle jelly.

My grandmother taught me this recipe - it is so easy

supamom, Jan 16, 6:37am
Sorry - that is (about 2 1/2 hours)

elliehen, Jan 16, 7:03am
There is an easy microwave recipe for Quince Paste I will try to find for you.

I have made it the slow way and emerged with burns and quince-spattered forearms as the mixture slowly reduces while you stir.

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