A question about pavlova

maree21, Dec 8, 5:12am
Does anyone know if i can freeze pavlova please?

245sam, Dec 8, 5:14am
maree21, although I have not done so personally I understand that pavlova freezes perfectly.:-))

tandy384, Dec 8, 5:15am
yes does freeze well as long as you dont put cream on it tho.

245sam, Dec 8, 5:19am
Again, obviously, I have not done this but I recall reading on this MB that some posters had frozen filled rolled pavlovas; however I can't recall whether the filling used was a cream based one or icecream - I must try to locate the answer to that one and I'll post the info' if I find it.:-))

maree21, Dec 8, 5:25am
thanks everyone. There is some on special here and i want to buy a lot lol, some I can eat now and the rest for christmas

maree21, Dec 8, 5:32am
Cheers for the recipe but i have tried to cook pavs in the past and mine have never been successful thats why i buy them.

245sam, Dec 8, 5:36am
maree21, I see that, like myself, you are in Christchurch so my guess is that you are aware of the on-special pavs at Raeward Fresh.:-))

maree21, Dec 8, 6:42am
yep thats the shop lol

ashanti, Dec 8, 6:53am
Once you get the hang of making your own pavs you will never want another shop pavlova casing again. (-:

gardie, Dec 8, 7:07am
Got my Chrisco yesterday and the Pavs were frozen, so yes!New to me too.They keep so well unfrozen that I've never had a reason to try.

kiwifidget, Oct 8, 4:10pm
my mum makes awesome pavs and she freezes them. we've been eating her pavs for decades and we cant tell the difference between fresh ones and defrosted ones, so there is no harm in it.