uncooked bacon and egg pie how long in fridge

janine18, Feb 26, 8:22pm
i premade a bacon and egg pie yesterday arvo to cook for last night and put it in the fridge gladwrapped but didnt end up doing it, will it be o. k. uncooked in the fridge until tomorrow night? or should i cook it today. thanks.

craytail, Feb 26, 9:39pm
Cook it today. The Pastry will be going all yuck.

You can always cook it, cool it, cut into portions and freeze if necessary

cookessentials, Sep 11, 4:01pm
Agree with craytail - the liquid egg/mik mixture will make your pastry soggy and you will find in a short time, it will seep right through the pastry case. If you ever want to pre- prepare, line the dish with pastry, have bacon chopped and ready to pop in and then it's just a matter of making up the egg mixture to pour in last which does not take long at all.