Re-freezing uncooked meat

korbo, Mar 24, 5:58am
defrosted beef to make rissoles for dinner. added onion , sausage meat etc. There are far far too many for the 2 of us.
CAN I freeze them to cook another time, or should I cook all of them and refreeze what we dont eat.

aj.2., Mar 24, 6:05am
cook the meat, then freeze that.

lythande1, Mar 24, 6:12pm
Yes you can.
Texture may suffer a bit, but just don't freeze it again for a long time.
I've done it heaps of times.

valentino, Mar 24, 7:43pm
If refreeze uncooked meat then as lythande1 noted - texture suffers.

When defrosting meat first time, you will notice a good amount of moisture comes out, now think about it but if that meat was frozen again then defrosted again - whatever moisture was still in the meat will further come out hence that real dryness texture. There are two separate moistures in meat, one is reddish and the other is clear, it is the clear one that one loves seeing coming out whilst cooking and eating. This clear moisture is lost if meat gets frozen a few times and is defrosted each time.

Even the cats will turn their noses up at this.

Cheers and hope this all makes sense.