question about uncooked slices

raewyn64, Apr 17, 2:46am
I have found some packets of plain biscuits so want to make some uncooked slices. i have found the thread here which is great and given me heaps of ideas.
My question is that some recipes have condensed milk in them and some have an egg.
When do use each of these - are they interchangeable?
I want to mix and match some of the recipes with the ingredients like the fruit, nuts etc and need to know when to use the condensed milk or the egg binding. (hope that makes sense)
thanks very much

harrislucinda, Apr 17, 2:53am
yestherearerecipesuseing egg andcondensedmilkcanuse eitherbothwillsetbutnottogether

margyr, Apr 17, 5:10am
I have never done one with an egg, and personally i would not use an egg in an unbaked slice.

goodbooks, Feb 7, 10:48pm
I agree Margyr - only for something that's baked or the ingredients have been boiled first.