easy biscuits and slices

birdie211, Apr 20, 9:24am
hi, just wanting to make some interesting yummy unhealthy and some healthy biscuits and slices for my hubbys and 19month olds lunchs nibbles etc, ive mastered fudge and lollie cake lol think they are getting sick of them, everytime i make busicuts they mould together like bloody frisbies, have heaps of weetbixs here at the mo so something with them it be great, but even just gingernut biscuits anything would be great thanks heaps

2boysmum, Apr 20, 9:54am
Weetbix slice is also good. Search on here there will some already listed.

birdie211, Apr 20, 9:54am
ok thanks didnt think of that

2boysmum, Apr 20, 9:56am
weetbix slice

150g butter
1 c flour
5 crushed weetbix
2 T cocoa
1 cup sugar
1 t baking powder
1/2 t vanilla (optional)
Melt butter, pour over dry ingreds.
Press into a slice tin. bake at 180 for 15 or so mins (until it isn't really squishy, but not till it is too hard as is hardens up a bit on cooling)
Ice it with chocolate icing while it is hot (I press it down slightly with my oven mitts first) then cut when cold.

elliehen, Apr 20, 10:21am
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elliehen, Feb 18, 4:17pm
And another :)Just put 'slices' into the search bar at left, choose 'anytime' and you'll get lots of threads like these.

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