Condensed Milk Slices

rarkl, Feb 26, 4:20am
Looking for a good slice recipe that uses condensed milk. I have googled it and they all seem to have coconut of some description in them. I loathe coconut and was wondering if anyone out there has a recipe for a nice slice with NO coconut?

jessie981, Feb 26, 4:42am
go into the lefthand message board & key in condensed milk slice. date posted put anytime. recipes there to choose from.

harrislucinda, Feb 26, 8:06am
1tblspcocoa1/2 lbbutter1/2lbsultanas1/2tin condensedmilk
warmbutterandmilkadtodryingredpressintoatrayput in fridgeandicewhenset

auntlb, Feb 26, 8:19am
packet of bickies 1/2 tin condensed milk 1/2 block of chocolate (any flavor at all) i like caramellow 100gm butter in microwave melt butter choc and milk in blender process bickies till they look like breadcrumbs pour melted ingredients into crumbs mix to combine if too dry add more condensed milk put into buttered lined tin and press out put in fridge to set then slice and eat it is to die for!!!!
posted by kiwigirlsteph

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