How long does condensed milk dressing keep for?

kaye35, Jan 23, 7:06am
How long can you keep condensed milk dressing for in the refrigerator? I have just used condensed milk, mustard and vinegar.

darlingmole, Jan 23, 7:10am
in my house? less than a day!But for the purpose of will it go off or not I'd give it a week max (based on the fact it's got dairy in it)

lx4000, Jan 23, 7:12am
ages because of the vinegar in it!


macb, Jan 23, 7:16am
We used to make this all the time when we were younger.It's lasts 2-3 weeks in fridge.

jessie981, Jan 23, 7:34am
Ever or else put in the freezer & bring out when needed. Doesn't freeze solid.

sherrydog, Jan 23, 8:10am
I just keep adding to my jar so it has been going literally for years!!
With the vinegar in it, it will keep.

timetable, Jan 23, 8:15am
good old kiwi summer standby the old highland condensed milk mayo... lol it was all we ever had as kids....

horizons_, Jan 23, 8:55pm
I take ages to get throught mine. Still good at the end of summer.

texastwo, Jan 23, 9:44pm
Agree with everybody. I usually make it on a monthly basis. pour it into one of those "squeezy" bottles for easier use.. keep it in fridge.Even had somebody say to me"I didnt know ETA made this sort of mayo"...LOL

cgvl, Jan 23, 10:50pm
seems to keep forever but I think around 6 months is the longest mine has lasted.
Usually gets used with in 3 months though.

cary3339, Jan 24, 11:09pm
mine keeps for months in fridge and I use white vinegar instead never had problems with it going off

crystalmoon, Jan 25, 1:18am
mmmm..... havnt had this for years,think I'll make up a jar for the weekend,can taste it now with salad on sammy's yuuummmmmmmmm,better see if any condensed milk in cupboard.

purplegoanna, Jan 25, 2:24am
i use brown vinegar and can have mine in the fridge for up to and over 3mths!....

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