Cakes, biscuits and slices to freeze

michelle2249, Sep 2, 10:48pm
Hi I'm 9 months pregnant and want to bake some sweet treats for the freezer - any suggestions of recipes that freeze well?

cap, Sep 3, 4:31am
I find any type of muffin freezes well.I make these for the kids' lunchboxes and add dried apricots to them.

cottagerose, Sep 3, 6:07am
Most biscuits will freeze well. I love eating them straight from the freezer and dont thaw them out that way they are always crunchy

cookessentials, Sep 3, 8:13am
I will try and find the biscuits and slices thread for you.

lizab, Feb 24, 2:42am
Oh Michelle - sending you loads of luck with you being 9 months pregnant!!! I can so remember being there and wanting to be super organised etc!!! How exciting for you!!!!!! Well ... I've found that pretty much anything you make yourself can be frozen successfully. I am trying hard to think of anything that I have made and frozen that was awful ... but I can't think!! The only thing I would say however, is that anything iced with chocolate icing (icing sugar, chocolate powder, butter and boiling water) does sometimes freeze with a cloudy look. Other than that ... just freeze what you can sweetheart and don't stress too much about it!! You'll have an adorable baby and won't care if the rest of your family eat 'bought biscuits' for a little while!! All the best xx