Need good Uncooked Chocolate Fudge Cake receipe

bedge1, Jun 5, 11:36pm
I cant seem to find a really good one. Made one with butter, sugar, egg, walnuts, round wine biscuits etc... ... ... ... . . but dont think its that great. Google odd other ones with condensed milk which sound better. Dont want to add sultanas though. Anyone got a really good receipe?

245sam, Jun 5, 11:48pm
bedge1, have a look at:- php? f=15&t=633

campmum, Jun 5, 11:49pm
This is from alison Holst & is delicious. .
1/2 cup brown sugar, 1/4 cup cocoa, 3 tbsp milk, 75gr butter, 1 pkt wine biscuits, 1 tsp vanilla Ess, 1 cup chopped walnuts or sultanas, or a mixture ( you could use chopped apricots or coconut instead of sultanas) In pot add butter, sugar, milk & cocoa & bring to boil stirring all the time. remove from heat & add crushed biscuits, nuts - fruit & vanilla. Mix well & press into baking paper lined tin. Ice with choc Icing & sprinkle with coconut.

bedge1, Jun 6, 1:10am
245sam have saved that to my favourites... ... ... theres heaps of yum sounding ones. Thank you! Campmum, that one sounds good. Will give it a go. Thanks!

darlingmole, Jun 6, 1:21am
Yesterday was a friends and they had a lovely slice with fresh figs, walnuts, broken shortbread biscuits and icing sugar (naturally chocolate and butter! ) ... it was really lovely

meg94, Jun 6, 6:33am
campmum, I notice that recipe doesn't have the egg in it? Must be ok without.

ferita, Jun 6, 6:36am
Uncooked egg
I wouldnt put an uncooked egg in it. That has salmonella written all over it

campmum, Jul 11, 10:42pm
No Egg... recipe as stated by Alison Holst. . Very Nice