"Jazzing up" a bacon and egg pie?

buzzy110, Sep 29, 1:42am
I'll ignore the sarcasm. There is nothing wrong with a traditional recipe for bacon and egg pie. Same as there is nothing wrong with a different 'egg' pie that incorporates many other ingredients. When I was a vegetarian I made lots of different quiche type pies using many different ingredients, including pulses - no two the same. There was a vegetable slice thread in here a while back which was pretty yum as well and probably is a better name for what I used to make.

buzzy110, Sep 29, 1:46am
The humble bacon and egg pie is blameless.

cleggyboy, Sep 29, 2:06am
I detest cheese in meat pies but I don't come on here abusing people who do like it. So why should I take abuse for liking mixed veges in my B&E pie?

hidecote01, Sep 29, 2:16am
I like plain just, egg and bacon pie and also I like a tasty cheese and onion pie. Very nice hot and cold.

rainrain1, Sep 29, 7:07am
Sarcasm? I was serious, and still waiting on your pie method

timturtle, Sep 29, 7:50am
Had a laugh - Some people call it Egg n Bacon pie others call it Bacon n Egg pie ! AND never the twane shall meet Lol HeHe

kay141, Sep 29, 8:51am
Perhaps it depends on the % of each filling. more bacon = B & E, more egg = E & B.

seaspray1, Sep 29, 7:46pm
Look up Dean Brettschneider's (sp) recipe. Bacon, Curried Egg and Ricotta Pie. It is too die for. 100% an "occasion" pie but definitely worth the effort.

hidecote01, Sep 29, 8:57pm
Depends on which school you went to. Always matters in Chch.

samanya, Sep 29, 10:01pm
Yep, definitely bacon & egg?

buzzy110, Sep 30, 12:17am
I make it the traditional way. I don't jazz it up. That was, of course when I used to make things like that. Now, sticking good food between two pieces of pastry is not really my scene but if I do I always make my own pastry. Flakey/puff, short and 'pastries' pastry are all relatively simple to make once the butter is 'beaten into submission'. And just to add insult to my injury (not you) I actually enjoy making flakey/puff and 'pastries' pastry. Alas I don't get to do it very often anymore, if ever. It is the same as I enjoy making bread by hand and all that boring old kneading and stuff.

Just a short note here. When I make croissants, etc, I stick to the original template as well.

BUT, I have been reading the custard square thread and someone gave a link to a Portugese (or was it Spanish) style custard square and I suddenly realised it was a chocolate eclair in disguise. Why go to the bother of fiddling around with individual eclairs when I can make it into something that can be sliced and eaten with fingers, much more easily. It was also filled a mix of both cream and custard. Oh heaven. No longer do I need to choose and I can ice it with chocolate icing. This is a novel, if somewhat eccentric idea that I am more than happy to run with when I make birthday treats for myself and family or have guests.

melp6, Sep 30, 12:45am
Oooh, that does sound good!

ruby2shoes, Sep 30, 1:36am
wow, some of your b&e pie ideas are rather scrambled

rainrain1, Sep 30, 4:53am
I like to use the bacon pieces from New World, I buy it especially for the B&E pies, it's delicious!

lats66, Sep 30, 7:00am
Bacon and egg pie. or bacon, egg and pea pie. or bacon, egg and onion pie.

beaker59, Oct 1, 3:44am
I like tinned smoked oysters in my Bacon and egg Pie :)

and its still a Bacon and egg pie.

christin, Oct 6, 4:11am
It's still a bacon and egg pie. just as chicken pie is still a chicken pie despite onions, peas etc.

In saying that i orefer just eggs and bacon but will still consider the other a b and e!

kaddiew, Oct 6, 4:24am
For the most part it's just been a fun thread, with some tongue-in-cheek comments. : )

christin, Oct 6, 4:31am
I know. And that wasn't anti fun, just sayung me its still a b and e pie, just as others have been saying it's not to them,

biscuitd, Oct 6, 4:36am
OMG! been vegetarian for 30 years, but that sounds delicious! lol

kaddiew, Oct 6, 5:43am
Oh I knew that. Nothing to do with your comment. Just a general observation that the thread, incl my original post, has been lighthearted.

samanya, Oct 6, 6:13am
In the end, does it really matter?
The OP asked how to 'jazz up' a bacon & egg pie & there's been heaps of lovely sounding suggestions & who cares what it's called as long as the pie (with the base filling of B & E) is delicious?

kaddiew, Dec 19, 2:03am
Not at all.

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