Best Ever Bacon and Egg Pie Please

beewee, Apr 21, 6:03am
Made with filo preferably

fisher, Apr 21, 8:58am
Why filo first :? ?

ucanchoose, Apr 21, 9:00am
and it better not have eggs unbroken. ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

beaker59, Apr 21, 9:20am
I don't make BnE pies but Mum used to aways put a tin of smoked oysters in hers really awesome taste sensation.

beaker59, Apr 21, 9:21am
Don't you find the shells a bit crunchy?

wasgonna, Apr 22, 3:32am
You just couldn't resist that one could you? LOL

wasgonna, Apr 22, 3:36am
There is only one rule for genuine bacon and egg pie ... they are the only two ingredients (apart from the pastry). NO peas, NO carrots, NO corn and NO tomato ... just Bacon and Egg.

diamondgirl06, Apr 22, 3:44am
Not even a teeny, tiny sprinkle of finely diced onion on the bottom?

wasgonna, Apr 22, 4:38am
Maybe ... if only teeny tiny.

eastie3, Apr 22, 7:09am
and, no cheese !

maria121, Apr 22, 7:48am
Agree! ! ! That other stuff are just fillers. I assume that cafes do it so it's not so expensive to make.

pedro28, Apr 22, 10:25am
I agree wasgonna. Peas, carrots etc a no go. Just bacon and eggs. I can cope with cheese but thats about it.

fisher, Apr 23, 12:34am
What a load of codswallop. . did ya mothers tell you that. . all those "extras" add flavour to bacon and eggs in a pie. . makes them TASTY.
If I want just bacon and eggs, I'll cook em up in a fry pan for breaky with a couple of slices of toast. . :}

indy95, Apr 23, 5:39am
I don't go for peas, carrots or tomatoes in a bacon and egg pie, but I usually add some chopped onion or finely sliced spring onions plus parsley and a few shakes of pepper to jazz up the flavour.

wasgonna, Feb 24, 4:51pm
Wouldn't be PIE then would it. Unless you cook the pastry in the fry pan as well.

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