Whats the secret to a good bacon and egg pie??

torican08, May 12, 12:53am
whats the secret to a good bacon and egg pie? ?

datoofairy, May 12, 12:55am
I put a layer of cheese in the the bottom, just to coat the base, to stop the bottom going soggy. Lots of bacon is important. I lightly beat the eggs and also throw in fresh parsley and chopped spring onions.

torican08, May 12, 12:57am
That sounds yummy :)

red2, May 12, 1:07am
sliced tomato on the top is nice and plenty of parsley too as mentioned

hunter7082, May 12, 3:38am
My mum always use to lighly beat the eggs and add a little milk they would puff up really nice.

indy95, May 12, 4:01am
My formula for a good bacon and egg pie is plenty of bacon and egg, seasoning and some chopped parsley or spring onions. Oh, and make sure the pastry base is well cooked.

gardie, May 12, 6:07am
coat the bottom of the pie with some pesto before adding cheese, onion, b & e. - yum!

maria121, May 12, 6:12am
Flakey puff pastry
12 eggs mixed
1kg of bacon chopped

That's it! The best B & E pie!

eastie3, May 12, 6:57am
My idea of the perfect B & E pie is whole eggs, plenty of chopped bacon. Salt and pepper.
No cheese, herbs, tomatoes, onions, p-
eas etc.
I have often heard the advice to add cheese but didn't like the taste when I tried it. I heat an oven tray and put the pie tin on that and the base is always perfectly cooked and never soggy.
Brush the top of the pie with some beaten egg or milk, cut a few small steam slits and serve with Tui tomato sauce on the side.

marcs, May 12, 7:02am
I fry my bacon first in a dry pan till the liquid is gone then add to the pie. Stops the pastry from going soggy.

deus701, May 12, 8:15am
add cream with the eggs

sassco, May 12, 8:26am
take out the blue layer of plastic from the pastry! sorry mum! :-)

uli, May 12, 8:39am
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ziggy16, May 12, 10:09am
I add very small diced potatoes

rarogal, May 12, 10:30am
I agree! ! Plenty of filling! ! I also add cooked slice potato to mine, with cheese and tomato on top. We're not big pastry eaters so rarely put a top on it.

bisel, Apr 26, 2:07pm
Don't you just love human mums.