Bacon and Egg pie pastry

skata, Mar 1, 1:03am
Everytime I make a bacon and egg pie, the underneath pastry is always raw. I use sheets of pastry from supermarket. Anyone have any tried and true tips?

maandpa2b, Mar 1, 1:17am
make sure you put your dish low down in the oven so it can get the bottom hotter. Is your dish a thick ceramic one? you may need to swap to a tin one. I use glass pyrex and it works fine. good luck

ferulz, Mar 1, 1:33am
You should probably blind bake your pastry first before you put the filling in. There should be directions on the pastry packet on how you go about doing this. I just bought some savoury pastry sheets today and saw the instructions on the back.

winnie231, Mar 1, 2:00am
have a read here: asp
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darlingmole, Mar 1, 2:11am
I don't use pastry sheets - they're always kinda wet and soggy? Anyway, definately use a quiche or pyrex tin/dish and perhaps swap to savoury pastry - the chub variety (approx $2. 00)

lavender32, Mar 1, 2:26am
I find that it depends on the container I use. The non-stick tins seem to work the best for me. I also roll the sheet of pastry out a bit thinner.

eastie3, Mar 1, 4:25am
Place a baking tray on the oven rack as it heats up, and put your pie on that, it will cook the pastry base. I have read other posts saying to scatter grated cheese over the pastry base to stop the eggs from making it soggy. Apparently you can't taste the cheese. Lots of posters say this works well.

metal_gear100, Oct 7, 9:06am
What I do is "Blind Bake" the pastry for 10 - 12 minutes in a preheated oven at 180, Then make my bacon and egg pie as usual.