Bacon & Egg Pie

walker18, Aug 5, 3:56am
What do you put in your pies please

clair4, Aug 5, 4:00am
Bacon and eggs only. Call me when you have made some.

bananabear, Aug 5, 4:02am
I put in bacon, eggs, chopped onion and mixed veges and sometimes a bit of tomatoe so its moist yum :)

walker18, Aug 5, 4:03am
I want more than Bacon & egg in mine. I am making it for my workers.
Will you come and do some cleaning up for me

walker18, Aug 5, 4:07am
Thank you Bananabear I may put some sausages in one of them too

a_n_h, Aug 5, 4:09am
i sprinkle a bit of grated cheese over the bottom as well as onion and mixed veges.

linsday1, Aug 5, 4:18am
eggs bacon sliced par cooked potatoe or kumara or both onions garlic salt pepper parsley and of course tomatoe to keep moist ... people rave over my pie...

fisher, Aug 5, 4:21am
that is all:}

sticky3, Aug 5, 4:25am
I use the Edmonds recipe with bacon, eggs, onion and tomato relish - my husband even refrains from using tomato sauce on top as the relish is enough!

poppy62, Aug 5, 7:53am
Bacon, eggs, milk, cheese and tomatoe and onion! Plus parsley.

taurangarox, Aug 5, 8:10am
The best thing to go in bacon and egg pie is cream cheese.

gardie, Aug 5, 9:10am
This sounds yum. I like pesto in mine - spread over the bottom pastry before adding others.

noonesgirl, Aug 5, 9:14am
Yuck, mixed veges in a pie are so offputting! It's egg & bacon pie, not all sorted pie.

darlingmole, Aug 5, 9:34am
put some instant potato "mash" and sprinkle on the bottom of the pastry shell. Then all I use is bacon/eggs/spring onions/cheese. I like the thought of adding the tom. relish though ... verynice touch. But think the KISS theory is very relevant (Keep It Simple Stupid) ... why muck up the perfect pie recipe? ! ! ?

bellasgone, Dec 29, 4:17pm
i put spinach or silverbeet in with grated cheese too :)) the only way my kids will eat those 2 veges!