My bacon & egg pie

coconutbuns, Dec 15, 3:24am
Is always nothing great, just ho hum. But when I try others bacon & egg pie, it is so yummy! What am I doing wrong?

kiwibubbles, Dec 15, 3:46am
what do you like specifically about the other bacon and egg pies?

coconutbuns, Dec 15, 3:51am
they are more solid. better texture. no air bubbles in egg. taste better

davidt4, Dec 15, 4:26am
Use good quality dry-cured free range bacon (Henderson's is fine, or Freedom Farms).Pre-cook it and drain off any liquid that comes out.

Use fresh free range eggs, don't beat them but just break them into the pie dish and stab the yolks to make them spread out a little.

Plenty of salt and pepper.

What kind of pastry are you using?A homemade shortcrust is delicious.

rover48, Dec 15, 6:12am
I always use another 2-3 eggs beaten with milk and pour this into the pie, it fills in all the gaps...:

cgvl, Dec 15, 6:54am
coconutbuns, many many ways of doing bacon and egg pie.
Mine is savoury short crust or puff pastry.
then a layer of bacon, usually chop into pieces and sometimes if I feel inclined lightly cooked and drained.
whole eggs depending of pie on size at least 6
Then I beat 1-3 eggs with about ½cup milk and salt and pepper to taste. Pour this into pastry to fill any gaps. cover with a pastry top and cook.
You can brush the top of pastry with any of the egg/milk mix thats left.
Largest size is a lasagne dish and 1 use approx 13 eggs in that and it will easily feed 6 adults.

Some sprinkle cheese on bottom of pastry first (I don't like). Others add peas and or mixed vegies (sometimes I add the peas, especially if I intend to keep it for a few days). Still others will add tomatoes, onions etc.

I have another that uses the same pastry bottom put don't use the whole eggs in it as I make it more as a quiche. So cheese on top.

hollypc, Dec 15, 7:22am
A small amount of grated cheese on base , stops base going soggy.

cory202, Dec 15, 9:39am
I hate whole eggs in my B&E pie ,so I beat them with half cream and half milk

jerrytravis, Dec 16, 4:01am
sending up.

lookingfor, Dec 16, 8:23am
I must try that, I have had a problem with soggy bases on my bacon and egg pie. And do you beat the eggs a lot? I only mix them up with everything and then pour into the base

coconutbuns, Nov 4, 12:57pm
thank you so much everybody for all your recipes & advice, hope you all have a very happy Christmas