Bacon and egg pie

rojh2, Apr 15, 10:12am
I need to make a bacon and egg pie tomorrow and I haven't made one for ages. I have bought ready rolled flaky pastry, have bacon AND eggs :-)
I remember reading one on here yonks ago that said about putting cheese in the bottom to stop it going soggy or something.
Any help is much appreciated.

nzlingerie, Apr 15, 10:24am
Cheese in the base sounds like a great idea. I made one early on in the week. Flaky pastry filled with 6 eggs, bacon pieces, mushrooms, tomato, onion, chives parsley & pepper to season . Cook 30 mins . Yum

toeblister, Apr 15, 10:25am
Hi there just put 'bacon and egg pie' on the left under keyword and put 'anytime' in dated posted. There are heaps of recipies from good people who know there stuff. :)

susieq9, Apr 15, 10:42am
Don't forget to add some frozen peas to the bacon and eggs. I don't use cheese. I put my filled tin on the lowest rack in the oven for about 20-25 minutes at 220C, then put it about half way for another 10minutes, or until cooked. Perfectly cooked bottom pastry.

beachluva2, Feb 5, 4:50pm
I heat up the oven with an over tray in it, then i put the bacon and egg pie onto it. No soggy bottoms. But im sorry people, but its not a bacon and egg pie if it includes anything else to me!

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