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kuaka, Oct 25, 8:53am
Just reminiscing earlier today about our worst experiences with cups of tea.I couldn't decide whether mine was the time a "friend" suggested tea or coffee and I agreed to tea, but was horrified to discover she made tea by putting a teabag, cold water and milk in a mug and microwaving it for four minutes.Yuk!or whether it was the time (many years ago) when my brother-in-law, myself and my then boyfriend drove all through the night to purchase a dog for my sister's birthday present.We arrived outside the farm house about 4.30 in the morning and tried to sleep (3 of us in a Triumph Herald) until daybreak, when we knocked on the farmers door and wanted to collect the dog.He offered us a cup of tea.Wish I'd said "no thanks".It had been made and stewing on the Aga for about 3 hours, and he proceeded to pour it (actually he probably could have sliced it) and then put a generous dollop of condensed milk in it as he had no fresh milk.Seeing as I don't have any sweetener in my tea, I was gagging on it.

ferita, Oct 25, 8:57am
Lions tail leaf tea (leonurus leonotis)
That stuff is so bitter it made me vomit.

kuaka, Oct 25, 8:58am
Never heard of it, but it sounds bad enough to put me off!

ferita, Oct 25, 9:10am
You are not missing much. It is supposedly supposed to be very relaxing (they smoke it in south africa as a tobacco replacement) but the taste put me off it.

kuaka, Oct 25, 9:17am
Hmmm, maybe it's a bit like "green tea" which my husband describes as smelling like old men's sweaty socks - I suppose all the green tea lovers will shout me down on that comment.I have tried it but it must be an acquired taste which I haven't acquired yet.

nfh1, Oct 25, 9:18am
Hate tea - give me a double strength long black where the spoon stands up!

elliehen, Oct 25, 9:21am
Once on a picnic I took a sip of tea from the mug and enjoyed it, put it down for a moment and turned my back on it, then took another sip and encountered a lump.Toddler had been busy putting sheep dags into any mug left casually unattended ;)

hezwez, Oct 25, 9:28am
Mmmm, I used to love condensed milk in my tea and would leave the tin in the tatty old flat fridge, with two holes in the lid...until the time I had an unwise swig direct from the tin and found dismembered blowfly remains in my mouth from a stray who had discovered it some time before.

kuaka, Oct 25, 9:32am
gross hezwez - and don't get me wrong, I love condensed milk, can eat it straight out of the can, or smothered over strawberries, but not in my tea!

Did your experience put you off condensed milk or off blow-flies?

elliehen, Oct 25, 9:34am
EWWWWWWWwwwww.....I knew someone who did that!

Did it put you off condensed milk forever?

hezwez, Oct 25, 9:35am
Sadly, no, it only increased my loathing of blowflies.

nfh1, Oct 25, 9:40am
Now I understand why I only drink coffee!

elliehen, Oct 25, 9:46am
I knew an elderly woman who loved blackcurrant jelly but would not eat blackcurrant jam because she said it looked like stewed blowflies on her toast ;)

hezwez, Oct 25, 9:51am
Smothered over strawberries would be a goer this summer! The experience made me a little more cautious though, I bought the tubes of condensed milk for my tea after that.

deus701, Oct 25, 10:11am
Condensed milk works well for tea or coffee. Its the same like adding milk & sugar anyway. I like condensed milk tea served cold

talent.scout, Oct 25, 10:17am
my ex used to make my herbal teas...with milk in it.blerk.

marcs, Oct 25, 10:20am
Went to my uncles house when I was in my 20's with my cousin and aunty was making tea for us. There was 3 cups on the bench but one tea bag. Needless to say we had tea with no flavour what so ever and I got the third cup which was water with milk in it ( I am not the favourite niece). Not that they were poor but very stingy and still are.

kuaka, Oct 25, 10:29am
marcs - that reminds me of an old neighbour of my mum's.Mum called on her when she was sick to see if there was anything she could do, shopping, meal, etc, so the neighbour (who was upstairs in bed) asked mum to make her a cup of tea, which mum happily did, and in the afternoon mum went back and asked again if she could do anything.A cup of tea would be nice, so mum trots off and makes the neighbour another cup of tea.This was repeated each day till the neighbour was feeling better, and then she called in to tell mum off because she hadn't kept the tea bag she'd used in the morning to make the afternoon cup of tea!Mum was speechless, especially seeing as said neighbour was full of airs and graces and not short of money!

amiri1, Oct 25, 10:37am
Ew! A person I had the misfortune of knowing for a short while, used to use whatever cup was around and quite often it had tea/coffee still in it from the day before, possibly cigarette butts etc.
She wouldn't tip it out, just put the teabag or coffee in the cup like it was a fresh cup and make it like nothing out of the ordinary.
I used to be polite and drink the drinks until another friend told me. I had some awful coffees and found a couple of weird things but thought it was her kids being grotty putting things in the drinks.
Nope, just pure laziness on her part! Ew, still makes me grimace! EW!!! :(

kuaka, Oct 25, 10:51am
amiri - that's disgusting - even worse than the time my mum cooked up the remains of the Christmas turkey to make turkey soup which everyone enjoyed despite the fact that when she got to the bottom of the pot she discovered her bright green plastic pot scourer pad was in the soup instead of the sink!

cookessentials, Oct 25, 5:28pm
sounds like my boy! He will try the odd stronger tea such as the Tleaf Tea "New Zealand" tea. I cant say I have ever really had a bad tea experience, however, always have found that any of the herbal teas from the supermarket smell nice but taste like miners boots!
I still love a good old cup of Earl Grey, especially if I have been doing a few hours gardening...nice to sit with a cuppa and survey our paradise.

lilyfield, Oct 25, 6:56pm
queuing at Taihape Railway station 30 years ago.Watch the woman to bring clean cups out the kitchen holding 4 in each hand fingers submerged in the mugs.When it was my turn and said in a very loud voice why I had changed my mind .

kirinesha, Oct 25, 7:05pm
Airplane tea, railway tea, hospital tea and one cup I was given at a private home where the cup has only been rinsed and not actually washed for a very long time. There was a thick coating of brown slime around the entire inside of the cup.

rainrain1, Oct 25, 8:34pm
Calling in to visit a friends sweet old mum, there were several of us.She made us all a cuppa and the milk was sour, none of us had the heart to tell her....hee hee

marywea, Oct 25, 8:58pm
Thirty-five years ago during my first visit to England I had a big shop at Marks and Spencers/Sparks and went across the road to a tearooms for a cup of tea. I had heard about the love the English have for their cuppa so was expecting something simple but nice. Ordered at the the counter and there and then a v. generous pour of milk into a cup and the tea fromone of those catering type teapots which I suspect had been brewing a while. It wasn't so much the milky slightly cold tea that was sad, just the total lack of any finesse of this English icon.

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