Pork Roast - cooking instructions please

moreorless, Feb 26, 2:34am
Pork shoulder roast with bone in
3. 264 kilos

How do I prepare.
How long would it take to cook and how will I know it is done.
Do you rest afterwards like lamb?
I have not cooked it before, always lamb.

It has a skin fat layer on the top, so I am guessing there is a good way to get this to crisp up and am I right that toget it like pork crackling you leave it attached to the roast or would I cook it seperate .

Yes I could follow Edmonds cook book but I like hearing tried and true receipes, couldnt see an actual pork roast receipe in Trademe Cooks.

Also if there is leaftovers, being pork you wouldnt reheat it the next day would you, just perhaps have it cold.

Thanks in advance for any receipes and help.

purplegoanna, Feb 26, 2:51am
Rub equal amounts of salt and oil into the skin, stab a couple of holes thru the skin into the meat, poke peeled garlic cloves down into the meat, put in oven bag, add pepper and a few sprigs of rosemary and 1/3 cup of water, place oven bag oin roasting dish, when you do the roasting bag up put your finger in the bag so when you pull it out theres a finger sized hole from tying the bag, cook long and slow on about 160-170'F, 20mins before serving, remove roast from bag, place roast back into oven dish and turn oven upto 200-220'F for about 10mins (WATCH IT) wait until crackling is done, remove and rest for 5-10mins then serve!

purplegoanna, Feb 26, 2:53am
For left over pork- slice onions & mushrooms, fry add diced/shreded pork and left over gravy and/or a pkt of gravy mix (with 1 cup water)+ salt & pepper, stir in and simmer until gravy thickens, serve with rice or mashed spud and veges on the side.

lythande1, Feb 26, 3:24am
The best way to get the crackle crisp and no soggy or chewy bits is to cut it off the meat altogether. Try and get as little fat as possible on it. Thats what makes it soggy - the meat stewing under it. Put it on a rack over your roast dish, it cruisps fast though so watch it, it will probably cook before the meat. Or put it in half way through your meat. The roast will have on its label times, usually around 20mins per 500g.
It can dry out so I usually cover the roast dish for half the cooking then remove the lid, put my crackle rack over and finish it off.

moreorless, Sep 9, 2:18pm
Thank you both, just what I was wanting to know. Purplegoanna, left over receipe sounds great.

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