Can you freeze hummus?

cucine, Feb 26, 2:19am
Need to make a largish amount for a party, wondered if I could pre-make it to save time on the day? ? Thanx.

natalie9, Feb 26, 2:23am
Yep I have and it was okay.

cucine, Feb 26, 2:30am
Cheers for that, natalie9, is it best to use a container or plastic bags?

cheapmike, Feb 26, 9:06am
I've wondered how long you can keep it for since I started making my own but it never lasts long enough.

elliehen, Feb 26, 9:13am
I buy 'Best Before' at half price and freeze it. I'd use small containers/pottles so that you're defrosting in useable quantities. Oil-based pesto freezes well too.

painterman, Sep 10, 5:52pm
How long does it last if you just keep it in the fridge?