Can you freeze

cazza29, Oct 31, 7:12am
yams??? i want to have some for xmas day and they are soo hard if not impossible to get at xmas, so can you freeze them? thanks

rachael211, Oct 31, 7:15am
i have before however mine were steamed before hand

cookessentials, Oct 31, 7:17am
From what Iunderstand, you have to cook them first

cazza29, Oct 31, 7:18am
and how did they turn out?did they go watery, and how did u cook them after they were defrosted? thanks

rachael211, Jul 7, 9:41am
they were a bit soggy did them i a hot pan with butter a drop of oil to stop the butter burning with some crushed garlic and thyme i cooked until nicely browned.