Can you freeze cheesecake?

tarankyle, Dec 9, 7:08am
I want to make one for christmas day but would like to do it now & freeze it, is this ok?

245sam, Dec 9, 7:18am
tarankyle, I make the unbaked version of cheesecakes (i.e. set with gelatine) and have very successfully frozen them, however I'm unsure about if and how well the baked type of cheesecake freeze and hope that someone else can advise you if that is the type you're wanting to make.:-))

tarankyle, Dec 9, 7:52am
thanks :-)The one I am looking at making is a baked one. My Step mum tonight said it shold be ok. I guess I will find out lol

nitronz, Dec 9, 7:56am
baked freezes as well

tarankyle, Oct 10, 4:43pm
thank you :-)one other thing I can prepare before christmas day then :-)