Yummy fish pie recipe needed please

cazza29, Oct 5, 9:53pm
hi, ive got some bluecod in the freezer that needs used, and i thought fish pie would be nice, a waste i know, but does anyone have ayummy recipe that is tried and true, i googled fidh pie and got hundreds of thousands but none guarenttee they are yummy!! please

cookessentials, Oct 5, 10:12pm
I do a fish pie with potato on the top. Not sure if you are wanting that type or one with a pastry lid?

beaker59, Oct 5, 10:18pm
I usually do a very simple one with smoked fish but can be done with fresh.

Simmer the cubed fish very gently in milk then in a new pot saute a finely chopped onion in lots of butter add a tablespoon of flour to the butter and nearly brown it add the milk and fish and stir until thick sauce season to taste.

At the same time boil some potatoes and a few eggs in the same pot remove eggs when firmly boiled and then mash potatoes with butter and milk.

In a baking dish add the fish mix and stir in a cup of frozen peas then the peeled eggs roughly cut in largish pieces cover with mashed potatoe and grated cheese.

Bake in oven for half an hour at 150c grill at end to brown cheese.

Ultimate comfort food in this house.

cazza29, Oct 5, 10:25pm
yumm def mash potatoe recipe as i need a comfort food today!!!!! yummy will give it a go but i dont have any onions and live rural.... not fair!!

cookessentials, Oct 5, 10:29pm
Yes, mine is pretty similar using steamed,flaked fish, sauteed onion and sometimes a little leek. A well seasoned white sauce with what ever other additions Ifeel like using at the time. Popped into a baking dish and topped with creamy mashed potato. Into the oven till heated right through and then browned on the top.

beaker59, Oct 5, 10:31pm
you can also add all sorts of

Its fine without onions you can also add all sorts of steamed veg I have added carrots silverbeet parsnip pumkin Kumara etc etc.

If you have no onions at the moment wild onion is easy to find as it is flowering and it a very fine substitute also good used as a spring onion in salads etc :)

Corriandar or Parsley is nice too

cazza29, Oct 5, 10:37pm
since im using bluecod, which isnt cooked, should i poach it forst or will it be ok raw then let it cook in the oven thanks

beaker59, May 10, 2:02am
Lightly poach in the milk first is what I would do.