Easy Smoked Fish Pie Recipe?

lelap79, Jul 27, 2:43am
I've just been given some smoked fish and have parent teacher interviews tonight. Does anyone have a FAST recipe to share with me?

darlingmole, Jul 27, 2:45am
Make a basic white sauce (with onion and garlic fried in butter if you like) and flake your fish into that.

Variations are adding boiled eggs, sweet corn, splash of worcestershire sauce or tomato sauce. Others reckon a bit of mustard.

lelap79, Jul 27, 2:54am
Top with mash potato is it?

susieq9, Jul 27, 3:10am
Could top with mashed potato or fresh breadcrumbs with grated cheese mixed through the breadcrumbs. Put on top of fish pie and cook till golden.

dbab, Jul 30, 10:18pm
Use coconut milk when making your white sauce. Gives it a really nice flavour.

elliehen, Dec 14, 2:55am
lelap79, keep in your pantry for next time a sachet of Maggi Cook in the Pot Fish Pie for the fastest fish pie in the West.

A party pooper will probably come in and tell you how bad Maggi packets are for your health, and that it won't be 'authentic'... but they will very likely not be parents with teacher interviews and the thousand and one other things that keep conscientious parents of young children perpetually short of time ;)